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Frequently asked qustions
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What kind of cemeteries are there?

Traditional Cemeteries are one that allow monument of any material you choose. They sometime limit the shape and size of the monument that are installed.

Grass marker Cemeteries allow only markers that are flat with the ground and corner post that are at ground level.  Some traditional cemeteries have sections that only allow grass markers.

Bronze Only Cemeteries allow only bronze markers that are mounted on a granite base and that are flush with the ground.

Ask your cemetery for their regulations.  Some cemeteries change their regulation on an annually. Stay informed.

What are the materials used for monuments?
Marble and granite are the natural materials use most often.  Bronze is used to create marker for no monument cemeteries and for attachments to standard monuments such emblems and statures.

What is Granite?

Granite is a tough, durable rock composed primarily of three different minerals.  There mineral are easy to see due to their different colors.  Granite is less expensive that marble.  It is found in many colors and textures. Gray, blue gray, red and black are found in Georgia quarries. Other colors are found around the world.


What is marble?
Marble, also found in Georgia, is a softer material. Marble is for affected by weather and absorbs stains more easily than granite. Marble is more expensive, and is available in a number of colors and textures. The most used is white Georgia or Vermont marble.


What is the difference between Marble and Granite?
Marble is simply limestone that has been compress. Granite is a molten rock, made up of a number of minerals Granite is very hard and depending on the kind shows the grain or color of the stone.  Marble has a single mineral  -calcite- has little variation in colors. Marble is softer in color and texture.


Do you furnish countertops?
at this time we do not furnish countertops.


Our marble table top was damaged by a moving company – can you provide us with an estimate for repairs or replacement?
Yes we would ask that you bring the damaged piece or pieces into our plant for an estimate along with a pattern of the table top.


My family monument is dirty and stained how do I clean it?
The location and material tell how you would clean a monument.  First give the stone a good washing with plain soap and water and soft brush.  Rinse the monument well.  This will remove most dirt.  If there is a stain, give us a call before you try any chemical.  The wrong chemical can destroy you family monument. We have experience in stone restoration. 


We are interested in an engraved brick program; can you please provide me with some information?
The brick that we offer will accommodate three lines of text with 13 characters per line.  Please call for more details.  We do not install the brick however we can deliver the brick to your location.


Do you furnish monuments for Hillcrest, Forest Lawn and Magnolia Cemetery?
 Yes, we can furnish a monument for these cemeteries.  The cemetery does charge a fee of $150.00 to set the marker on the lot.  We will furnish the marker and the cemetery will install on the lot.


Where are you located?
 We are located in Historic Savannah.  On the corner of East Broad and Waldburg Street.  Waldburg Street is three streets north of Henry Street on East Broad where it is one way heading north.   Our exact address is 918 East Broad Street.

What are your hours?
 We are open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 – 4:30.  We close for lunch each day from 12:00 to 1:00 pm.  We are happy to make an appointment for you to meet with our staff after hours.


Do you furnish benches?
            Yes, we furnish benches in granite as well as marble.  There are several styles and we will be happy to show you the many options.